Weekend Worship and Vintage Finds

I had a great weekend of bargain finding these last few days! Above is a cut glass cruet set that I got for £10 at an antique fair this morning - it was the lady's mothers and she bought it in the 1920's. It even has the original mustard spoon which is pretty rare now. Most of the sets I've seen have been missing this spoon or even a  few of the pots.

I also finally found some champagne saucers at one of my local charity shops - I got all four for just £1.29! I've been hunting for some of these for ages but only seeing Babycham glasses so I was very excited to find some nice plain ones.

I rescued tis little fur broach from another charity shop near me for just £2.50. I know a lot of people hate fur but I feel that as long as it is vintage it's all ok. I would never buy any new fur as I wouldn't want to think any animals were killed just to make me something for aesthetic purposes only. This little broach has a tag on the back saying it is from 1943 from a shop in London. 

These are one of my favourite finds ever and the photo doesn't really do them justice. It's a set of teacup and saucers made from milk glass in a pearlised peach colour. I got six cups and saucers for just £8.00 from a fairly new little charity shop down Churchgate. The lady who donated them said they were her grandmothers and were bought sometime between 1950 and 1960. Don't they just look like a mermaid's tea set? Arial would be jealous I'm sure.

And it wasn't just a weekend for thrifting! Some prints arrived from America from Justin Hartman of Urban Art Tattoo in Arizona and I picked up the frames yesterday morning. I think they look amazing - I'll post a better quality picture once I've hung them in the living room.

I got this great little kitsch-tastic dress from Primark too for £12.00. I just couldn't resist the super cute pink and pastel American cars! I got it in a few sizes too small to spur me on with my diet - I can't wait until I can fit in it.

It was a nice surprise to walk into the market place this morning to discover a little ceramics festival going on! I had gone in to meet up with my best friend Sarah for a coffee, and it just happens that her husband Jon is an incredible ceramicist and had a stall there. These are some of his lovely little bluebird milk bottle ornaments. You can see more of his fantastic work at http://www.jonwilliamsceramics.co.uk/.

Hope you've all had a great weekend too and found some bargains yourselves!