Vintage Finds - Pearls and Pages

5pm on a Friday is definitely one of the best times ever, especially so this last Friday after an annoyingly busy and low staffed day at work. I practially ran from the building and jumped into my car, racing home to the nice news from Pete that our friend Rob was coming into the 'borough to see us! All day I had been wishing for something to do that night besides finishing my baking so it was a lovely surprise.
I hurriedly iced and wrapped up my cake orders for the next morning and ran upstairs to get ready. I just threw on a black pencil skirt and my favourite Clutch shirt with a little cardigan, leopard print pumps and red lipstick. I find that last minute nights out are always better than long planned ones and this was no exception! Before I knew it it was past midnight and I thought we better call it a day if I was going to make my cake delivery the next morning.

And yes I did make my delivery, and went for my usual stroll around town hitting my usual haunts. WH Smith had the latest issue of Vintage Life and the first issue of Unique Bride so I grabbed both of them before heading for a stroll round some charity shops. Didn't find any clothing or books this time around but I got an adorable little gold striped sherry glass for 30p - I'm planning on using it to hold rings on my dressing table. I also got a few bunches of fake flowers for a crafting project... more on that soon!

I got some lovely asparagus from the market again (two bunches for £1.50!) that I roasted and served with spiced lamb meatballs for dinner - delicious! The best find of the morning however came from a little charity shop that's a little more out of town that I rarely go to, and boy did going a little further afield pay off!

I got this pretty little pearlised tea set for just £4.99! It's by Victoria and I love that it came with the little sugar bowl and milk jug too, most of the ones I see in charity shops are just a teapot with cups and saucers and a solitary cake plate if you're lucky! You can see the pearlised finish a little better in this photo...

We finished the day off visiting some of our best friends Sarah and Jon for a few gins and a movie aka the perfect Saturday night!