It's finally happened. I've considered myself a pretty lucky gal that I've reach 34 without any wrinkles but the fine lines have started to appear, so it was time to find some new products to add to my skincare routine. I'm pretty excited about getting into an old school skincare blog post!

Now, searching for anti-aging products can be overwhelming to say the least and I've been lucky enough to try a few thanks to friends in the skincare world, but my most recent find is a company called Skinician who were kind enough to send me their Ageless Peptide Eye Complex and their Ageless Overnight Retinol Powerbalm. I've been giving these babies a try for over a month now and I'm very impressed with the results, so let's look at my experience with them both.

I'm going to start with their newest product the Ageless Peptide Eye Complex (RRP £40 for 15ml). This gel-cream uses hyaluronic acid to fight wrinkles but also does double duty to protect your skin from UV rays with broad spectrum UV filters, so not only are you curing but you're also preventing new lines caused by the sun's rays. Plus a boost of Vitamin C refreshes the skin and increases that all important collagen production that we all need.
I've honestly never used a product like this and seen nearly instant results but even after just five minutes you can visibly see a reduction in those little lines around my eyes. I'm lucky in that it's just some fine lines under my eyes right now, but if you click the link above to look at this product on the Skinician website you'll see some really amazing before and after pictures showing how well this product works on more mature skin with deeper lines and wrinkles too.
I've been using the eye complex each morning when moisturising so by the time I'm putting on my make up those little lines that would usually catch foundation and mascara are all gone making for much smoother application. I've also noticed that it's been working kind of like a primer and helping the concealer and powder have more staying power - another bonus result that makes me love this little baby even more.

Now let's get onto my new best friend, the Ageless Overnight Retinol Powerbalm (£61.50 for 50ml) and we'll start with some before and after photos I grabbed of the results on my own skin:

I've 'enjoyed' a lifetime of blemishes and acne which has resulted in enlarged pores and some scarring which have always bothered me. I've never had that smooth beauty guru skin and I'm finally OK with that, but now I've found a product that's getting me a step or two closer and I'm thrilled!

Retinol can seem like a bit of a scary ingredient at first but after some research I realised it could be just what I've been looking for to refine the texture of my skin and fight the unevenness and pigmentation that I've been battling for so long. I find it reassuring that despite this being a product with a powerhouse ingredient like retinol it's made of 87% natural ingredients and doesn't include mineral or palm oils which I found a while ago to be both a big no no for my skin and for my ethics and attempts to impact the planet in a less negative way.

I think you really need to try a product for a good few weeks to give a proper review and after four weeks I can definitely say that I'll be continuing with this product after my gifted bottle has run out. You can clearly see the improvements from the images above and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both of these products, so if you're looking to venture into the world of anti-aging skincare or you're not satisfied with your current products I would definitely nudge you over enthusiastically in Skinician's direction!


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