If you're a long time reader you'll likely know that I am a huuuuuge perfume fanatic, something I definitely inherit from my parents. Ever since we were small it's been a tradition for us to get a new perfume every year at Christmas, usually something delectable from our family favourites Guerlain - even when we were very small as we'd get bottles of Petit Guerlain! I'm not the most consistent when it comes to my favourite fragrances as sometimes I wear something very vanilla based and sweet, at other times something very rose floral but most of the time I love a mysterious woody, spicey scent.

It's always been a dream to create a perfume and so when I took part in a mini scent creation class with The Perfume Studio at an event hosted by faves Prezzybox I was elated and then it just so happened that they released an amazing new product - their Design Your Own Fragrance Bespoke Collection kit! 

These are honestly the coolest idea and would make marvellous presents - my dad loves scents too so this would be a brilliant Father's Day gift for him. I also thought that this would be a perfect present for a bride to be as she could create her own signature perfume for her wedding day, completely unique and one of a kind! It would be a nice group activity to do with your friends too - the list of occasions is endless really and the best part is that when your scent is complete you can register it with The Perfume Studio and they will keep it on record forever so you can reorder your signature perfume time and time again with a few clicks!

When ordering your kit you simply choose 6 fragrance blends from a selection of 21 that were curated by their in house perfume master Francois Robert which you then mix to make yourself a 30ml bottle of perfume. The kit comes with everything you need - a glass atomiser bottle, the six chosen blends, pipettes for bottling your perfume, scent strips for creating your mix and of course an instruction booklet.

It's a simple and super fun process - dip a scent strip into each blend and then hold different combinations together until you have your perfect fragrance. One tip that I found very useful is to have a little bowl of coffee beans on hand to sniff between combinations as this will sort of reset your smell receptors to get the best sniff each time!

The blends I chose to create my perfume were Spicy, Rose Floral, Woody, Mossy, Gourmand and Amber - all strong, deep scents that I used to make a super sexy fragrance that I've been wearing non stop ever since. You can add different amounts of the blends to create different effects too; for example I used a lot of Gourmand, Woody and Rose Floral with a good dash of Spicy and a smaller amount of Mossy and Amber so they just gave a little ghosts whisper of a back note to the scent. Just click here to find a full list and description of each blend.

This is genuinely one of the best ideas for a gift (or prezzy to self!) that I've seen for ages and at a price of £49 a kit I think it's so reasonable. If you think to yourself that a pre-made perfume will usually cost between £40-70 for 30ml having the chance to create your own special and unique fragrance that is kept on file forever for less than fifty quid is amazing!

PS - you can get 10% off any of the bespoke perfume kits by using my exclusive code NANCYLOVES !!!


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