It is well known by now that I am a big fan of gin - to the point that I have a tattoo of a gin bottle on my leg and the nickname 'Ginderella' from my husband! I'm not a big drinker but when I do have a tipple I make sure it's something that is good quality and delicious and my cocktail cabinet is a testiment to this - only the interesting stuff makes the cut. Naturally then, a gin subscription box that allows me to try something new several times a year would be right up my street - and then One Time Gin took the concept one step (or a few steps) further.

So, what could be better than a bottle of gin and some cocktail fixings delivered to your door you say? An exclusively created members only gin that won't be available anywhere else, that's what! Yep, you read that right - the good people at One Time Gin work with some of the world's best distilleries to make a one of a kind gin that is only available to those with a subscription. I think this is such a brilliant concept and really shows love, passion and care for the spirit that goes even further with specially paired tonic waters and cocktail ingredients. 

And so I got to try this beauty, Flowerbomb Gin distilled by Victory London. With my love of styling with fresh flowers and most floral flavours I was pretty sure this would be well up my street, but then I was certain when I read the list of botanicals in the mix. As well as the common gin staples of juniper and coriander this blend also includes passion berry, rose, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, orris root and lime flowers plus three of my absolute favourite ingredients in both perfume and cookery - cardamom, sandalwood and allspice. Notice the lack of citrus? I found this very interesting as lemon peel is often well up there in a gin ingredient list and the use of sandalwood I had never seen before. 

This London Dry style gin is created with the cold distilling method, something I wasn't even aware was a thing having only ever seen copper still distilling that uses heat. Not only does this lack of heat allow for delicate botanicals to be used without destroying their subtle flavours, but it also reduces water waste and uses less energy so that's a win win win in my book. 

What with the unusual and complex ingredients list, the uncommon method of distilling and eco friendly angle that Victory London take they definitely had my full attention, but what would it taste like? Nothing I've tried before, and in a very good way. I'm actually finding it tricky to put into works what this gin tastes like because its just so delicate yet complex. The lack of citrus in the blend is noticeable from the offset as is the deep fragrant base note from the sandalwood and allspice. I can't pick out any flowers in particular, but that heady barrage of florals hits you right up front along with the very clean and familiar London Dry flavour - delicious.

In each subscription deliver along with your very special gin you'll receive some bottles of a specifically paired tonic water plus a curated cocktail ingredient to add even more variety to your enjoyment of your VIP bottle of dreams.

Naturally the Flowerbomb Gin would most sensibly paired with a floral tonic and so I received a bottle of hibiscus (and a bottle of original) tonic water by new on the scene brand Lamb and Watt. You'll be pleased to hear that this too is a drink with some special ingredients. Mineral water from the beautiful Lake District is the base along with quinine from the cinchona tree but unlike most tonics that are sweetened with sugar this baby is candied up with organic blue agave so its a super natural product with no artificial flavours or preservatives. The hibiscus tonic made for a very sweet G and T with the Flowerbomb Gin which I loved but my husband was less keen on, he much preferred the original tonic and I think I did too as it allowed the gin's delicate flavours to sing out more.

This box's cocktail ingredient was actually a twofer, with both lychee gin liqueur and rooibos tea syrup. Lychee being a very perfumey fragrant fruit is just ideal to go with this gin and I love the rich bitter tea-e-ness (new word?) from the syrup. With some cloudy apple juice and fresh lemon juice in the signature Springtime Sling recipe from the fabulous The Ginner Circle magazine that accompanies the bottles it was just a dream. I wish it was warm enough for me to drink one sitting out in the garden in the sun!

Remember a few minutes ago when I said that One Time Gin take the whole subscription box concept thing a few steps further? Well the final reason that makes me say that is that not only are flavour and technique taken into account, but also artistry and design. 

Each bottle's paper wrapper is lovingly created by resident artist Manasses Machado to suit the unique qualities of that particular gin. Included in The Ginner Circle is an article from the artist explaining the concept and its process of creation which I love as this aspect of a drink is so often overlooked.

Not only that but with this box came another special treat in the form of the wax seal on the lychee gin liqueur. What can be special about a wax seal? Well this one has been coloured with Stuart Semple's world's pinkest pink pigment. The backstory to this paint powder and the Art Wars that it is a part of is a very interesting story that I was already familiar with so I was extra chuffed when I realised what this bottle was topped with! I highly recommend you have a Google and read about it all, but I'll just say that it strikes a chord with me and my artist background.

So the final verdict? This is an amazing subscription that really will get you something special to look forward to every two months, much more so than other gin subs that just deliver you a bottle that you could pick up online or at your local good booze shop. A whole lot of heart and soul goes into these boxes and I for one will be recommending it to to any fellow gin lovers that I come across!

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*This post contains items that were gifted for review. For more information head to my disclaimer page.

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