The navabi Plus Size Blog Awards

Darling readers a wonderful thing has happened and I've been nominated for the navabi Plus Size Blog Awards! As you all know by now I'm sure, navabi are one of my favourite brands ever and their awards are to be honest the only one I've ever really been bothered about so I would so so SO appreciate it if you'd take the time to vote for me if you think I deserve it.

As I'm sure you will have noticed I've put an awful lot of time, money and grind into my blog this year - investing in professional photography and a new layout, getting professional lighting and editing software so I can start doing more YouTube content and trying to better my social media presence which believe me is hard when you don't have that much free time! I'm also pretty proud of what I've accomplished this year as I'm still working through my depression and it takes an awful lot of effort mentally for me to be able to do this work on top of my full time job and responsibilities at home. I know to some it may appear that posing for a few photos and writing about clothes and products is a pretty easy thing to do, but in all honesty so much planning and work goes into it that it can be pretty exhausting when you have a 9-5 too!

So anyhoo, if you would like to vote for me or your other favourite blogger please go ahead and click this link to cast your vote - All you need to do is click on the person you want to vote for so they get highlighted in red, then scroll down to the bottom of the pictures and fill in the CAPTCHA security check and click 'cast my vote' - you don't even need to put in an email address of any of your details so its easy as pie.

Here's wishing the absolute best of luck to all my fellow blogger babes who have been nominated!

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