Even if not on purpose I'm sure at some point you have read an article or two on an online magazine. Your FB timelines are probably full of links to them if yours is anything like mine. It could be something like The Pool or Hello Giggles or it could be the web home of an actual mag like Marie Clare or Cosmo, but the chances are that you feel a little out of place a lot of the time when you click through - I know I do. Fashion lists very rarely feature any plus size and diet tips usually abound. Lets just say that most of these places aren't very body positive and plus inclusive.

Well now ladies, we have our own space! She Might Be is the brain child of Georgina Grogan, an online magazine and community written by some of your favourite plus size bloggers that is completely body positive. Covering fashion, beauty, mental well being and lots lots more, there will be something for everyone, but the style posts will always concentrate on plus size pieces.

I'm really pleased to say that I am one of the contributing writes for She Might Be! You can read my first post here which is a tutorial for a stunning glitzy rose gold smokey eye look. I have more make up and style posts coming very soon, so keep an eye out for those and in the mean time head over and read the other articles from my lovely fellow bloggers.

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