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I am fully aware that this won't be a surprise to any of you but I'm a firm believer in the 'go big or go home' philosophy of life. It makes sense then that a park filled with multiple restaurants, a bowling alley and a cinema would be right up my street as I can have lots of fun all in one place! I was lucky enough to be invited to such a place last week for a fun filled Bloggers Night Out at Leicester's very own Meridian Leisure Park.

It was a lovely evening and my beautiful friend Lois joined me for the fun along with a plethora of gorgeous blogger babes. We kicked off the night in Chiquitos where we sampled some of there cocktails and said our hellos.

Chiquitos Leicester

Lois had a lovely fruity Rum Punch which was definitely my favourite of the evening as it was lovely and full of flavour. I tried a berry slush from the new Summer menu which was a frozen drink packed with banana, berries and pineapple. Now I'm a bit of a cocktail snob and love my proper old school cocktails that are basically just a combination of boozes that you sip away over an evening, but these were nice and refreshing and if you are planning a night out and don't want to get smashed too quickly they would be just perfect - tasty yet not too potent!

Nandos Leicester
Nandos Leicester Houmus
Nandos Leicester Chicken Wings

Our next stop was Nandos where we tried a whole range of their starters including spiced almonds and cashew nuts, grilled chicken wings, hummus with a spicy drizzling oil, a bright salsa with pitta strips to dip and some garlic bread. 

The salsa was definitely my favourite, nice and zingy and fresh tasting, packed full of tomato and peppers and it was the perfect accompaniment to the spicy smokey chicken wings. I'm not really a wing fan but these were great, tender and flavourful and with a nice char.

Pizza Hut Leicester Meridian Salad
Pizza Hut Leicester Meridian BBQ Pizza
Pizza Hut Leicester Meridian Pizza
Pizza Hut Leicester Meridian Pulled Pork

Our last food stop of the evening was to Pizza Hut. Not somewhere I visit often in all honesty as I have a wonderful local independent pizzeria on my doorstep but no doubt it's a popular choice for many. First of all we hit up the salad bar which was well stocked and looking nice and fresh, no brown lettuce or sad looking toppings. Mine was not the most photogenic salad as I covered it in yummy crispy onions - oops!

Then a whole string of different pizzas came out and were popped onto elevated platters between us. I tried two of them as I was already pretty full by this point - firsly a pulled pork, cheese and barbecue sauce concoction with a cheese stuffed crust and then a thin crust pizza topped with all the meats imaginable and edged with cheesy garlic dough bites. Both were nice and very flavourful, but a bit oilier than I am used to, possibly because I usually go for vegetable pizzas rather than meat topped ones. The cheesy garlic bites were great though, I could have just had a bowl of those with some pizza sauce to dip them in - yum!

After the pizza feast we headed to Hollywood Bowl to work off some of the cheese before our final stop of the evening. I have to confess that I was having so much fun bowling that I didn't take any pictures - what a naughty blogger eh? But you can trust me that it's a great bowling alley with lots of other entertainment like an arcade and a restaurant built in, so you could even just do a whole evening there if you wanted!

Vue Cinema Leicester Meridian

Our final stop of the evening was to VUE cinema where we enjoyed a showing of the Ab Fab movie. I won't post any spoilers but it was a good laugh, though I thought some of the lines a bit dubious... However the cinema itself is great with lots of food and drink options and nice comfy seats. I've been before several times and am always happy to go back as it's a nice size and the sound and picture quality is always spot on.

All in all it was a really fun evening spent with lovely friends, thank you to Meridian Leisure for inviting myself and Lois along! This is a great place for a run day or night out as there's so much to do and it's location is really convenient to town and to the motorway. If you go for a visit do let me know your favourite place!

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*This night out was complimentary in exchange for a review, however all comments are my own and are 100% true and unbiased. For more information head to my disclaimer page.

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