Eloquence Skincare System Review

Considering my life long love affair with make up it's only surprisingly recently that I've got into skincare, mainly encouraged by my friend Sophia of Tattooed Tealady who set me up with a routine a couple of years ago when we reconnected after losing contact after college. Since then I've been on the hunt for my ideal products and more recently have been trying to find more natural products that will suit my very sensitive, very oily and very blemish prone, sometimes acne ridden skin. After using lots of harsh acid based products which are recommended for acne and after not noticing them make that much of a difference I decided it was time to give my skin a bit of a break and lay off on the chemicals, so I was thrilled when I got an email asking if I'd like to try the Eloquence Pure Luxury Collection (£75.00*).
Even before the products arrived I was researching the ingredients, the main one being oil from the Sacha Inchi plant which originates from the mineral rich soils of Peru and has been cultivated in the Amazon Rainforest for over 3000 years. It is part of the Argan oil family and is rich in proteins, antioxidants and omega fatty acids along with iodine and vitamins A and E. Although my skin is oily and this is predominantly a great product for dry skin it promised to also sooth irritations and balance acne prone skin. Sounded good to me!
The collection includes the following four step skincare system plus a nice big bottle of the multipurpose treatment oil:
  • Step 1 - Purifying Facial Cleanser - 20ml
  • Step 2 - Firm and Tone Serum - 20ml
  • Step 3 - Moisturising Eye Gel - 15ml
  • Step 4 - Protect & Repair 24 Hour Cream - 20ml
  • Nourishing Treatment Oil - 50ml
You can buy the products individually if you wish also, which is great if you use more of one than another! Along with the Sacha Inchi oil each product is delicately scented with essential oils rather than any artificial perfumes. There are also no artificial colours, parabens or harsh chemicals meaning it is perfect for sensitive skin and is compltely cruelty free - yay!
I got on really well with this system. I can't say that it made a huge difference to my acne, but it has definitely improved the texture and suppleness of my skin and my pores have definitely been reduced. The serum and 24 hour cream are definitely my favourites. The cleanser is nice but it doesn't really lather up so I found myself using quite a lot in order to feel my skin was squeaky clean, however I do know that a lot of the time the things that make products lather up and get foamy aren't actually very good for your skin so I get that there may be a reason for this! The eye gel is lovely and cooling but I think it's actually a little bit too effective for my skin just yet as I don't actually have any crows feet or wrinkles yet so I don't need anything that powerful.
I've become a bit obsessed with the Nourishing Treatment Oil however! You can use it for so many things! I pop a bit on my cuticles before bed every night to condition them, use it on my dry elbows to sooth and moisturise, pop a little on the ends of my hair after washing it to keep split ends at bay and for another conditioning boost. I actually mix a bit into my conditioner again for an extra shine and smoothness boost, used it on my dry heels so my feet are sandals season ready and I've even put it on my legs with some moisturiser after shaving. It smells lovely and is nice and light and quick obsorbing so you're not stood waiting for it to sink in for an age. It's wonderful stuff for sure!
If you're on the lookout for an all natural skin care range then I'd definitely recommend giving Eloquence a try!

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