Lush The Comforter Shower Gel Review

Just like my taste in music, my taste in fragrance could very well be called eclectic. I adore a rich, deep, complex, seductive woody scent but I also love Grandma-esque powdery florals. I also absolutely adore super sweet candy like scents which i clearly why I adore The Comforter Shower Gel by Lush oh so much! Well that and the fact that it's hot pink and shimmery and looks so cheery and happy on my shower rack!

As well as its candied blackcurrant scent this shower gel contains bergamot and cypress oils that soften and cleanse the skin as well as lots of lovely almond oil that leaves me feeling super smooth and hydrated. It's the perfect morning shower body cleanser as the scent really wakes up my senses.

It really is a favourite of mine, but then why wouldn't it be when one of my life goals is to smell like  a dessert at every opportunity?!

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