Tarte Light of The Party Review

I'm a real sucker for well designed packaging. If I have a blu-ray and it then comes out in a special edition with fancy packaging, I'll buy it again and get rid of the original. I'm drawn to attractive food packaging and if a company has a crappy logo I will be less likely to use their services. I am a self professed design fiend and I think it's most pronounced in my love for make up. Part of the reason that I adore my two favourite beauty brands (see this post) is that not only do they have bold daring colours and super high quality products, but they're packaging is just stunning too. It's no wonder then, that I love a good limited edition palette like this one.

This is the Light of The Party Collectors Case by Tarte at Sephora. It's a limited edition set for the festive season and it gives you $394.00 worth of beauty kit for $59.00 which I think we can all agree is a great deal. The main case includes 24 eyeshadows, a miniature of the cult favourite 'Lights, Camera, Lashes' mascara, a double ended eyeshadow brush and a good sized mirror. Also included is another snazzy little 'takeaway palette' with 6 more eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blusher and a highlighter. 

I'll start by saying that I'm not really a fan of the sequinned tribal style outer case cover. I say this first because it's really not an important factor so I wanted to get it out of the way. I kinda wish that the whole thing was covered in the metallic gold that the rest of the case is, it would have made for a far classier look I think. The inside however, is just gorgeous and my OCD loves how everything has its place and fits perfectly in it.

Although the blusher and highlighter were a draw for me as I've been told that Tarte do these very very well, it was the selection of eyeshadow shades in this set that really sealed the deal for me because they are all so wearable. You may think that sounds kind of dumb - anything is wearable right? - but what I mean is that it is incredibly easy to create multi tonal eye looks because the colours are so easily mixed and blended. There are warm tones, cool tones, matte shades and frosted shades; neutrals and shimmering highlight tones as well as bolder blacks, blues and purples. I absolutely adore pretty much all of the metallic and frosted shades, however most of the mattes I've found pretty hard to use. A few of the white based pale shades feel a little chalky to me and don't blend as well as I'd want; while the darker colours just don't seem to have much colour pay off and you have to layer and layer to get anywhere near the colour that you see in the pan and this is not something I'd expect from a premium make up brand. The metallics are pretty special though, nice and sparkly and requiring much less layering up, I especially love 'baby it's gold outside' and 'fireside chat'.

As I had expected after hearing so much buzz from fellow bloggers and beauty loving friends, the bronzer, blusher and highlighter in the little travel palette are freaking fabulous. I was really pleasantly surprised to find that I could even use the bronzer for a nice warm glow because it's a clever blue toned pale bronze that works as well on my super pale skin tone as it would on darker or tanned skin. Again the blusher is quite blue toned with a hint of peach making it super wearable and the highlighter is so shimmery it's like a dream, but don't go overboard with it or you may end up looking like the ice queen.

All in all I still think this is a lovely little collection, despite having to work at a few of the shades to get a true colour. It would be great for travelling as it gives you so so many possible looks within one kit including your cheek blinging products. If you're looking for a special gift for that make up loving friend of yours, you may just have found it.

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