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With so much happening this year like getting married, changing jobs and lots more unfortunately I fell out of my good organisation habits with the blog and planning my posts pretty much went out of the window. I knew I needed to get back on track and that one thing that makes me more likely to organise my time properly is having a really pretty planner that is functional, beautiful and lets me organise not just my blog posts but life too!

This year after much thought I decided to go for Rifle Paper Co's 2016 Birch Floral Planner (£30.00). Other than the beautiful painterly floral design the main thing that drew me to this planner over the others I looked at was the fact that you had both a monthly calender over two pages that I could plan posts and appointments in but also a week to two pages diary so I can plan my days in more detail and tick off my tasks as I go. There's also a pocket at the back to keep important notes and business cards (or in my case scribbled post ideas, sketches, fabric scraps and shopping lists...) and a ruler and space for doodling down important notes. This is actually a 17 month planner that started in August so I'm already using it and feeling more calm and smugly in control, teehee. If you love the look of this but fancy something brighter it's also available in a lovely blue toile design too!

So the way I've been using this planner to map out my posts is by using the two page per month section and a bunch of mini coloured post-its. I assigned a colour to the different kinds of posts so it's easy to space out the different categories without say bunching a load of outfit or food posts together and because they're not permanent I can easily move the posts around and change the plan with no messy scribbling or painting on lots of white out. I write appointments and important occasions directly on to the planner so I don't miss anything or accidentally move it and lose track.

If neither of the RPC planners take your fancy why not go for a Kate Spade design instead? It comes either in a 17 month format (£25.00) in a black stripe or gold dot or in a 12 month format (£30.00) in either a gold and canvas stripe or black and white polka dot design.

If your budget won't stretch to the planners above don't fret your pretty head, why not get one of the pretty Rifle Paper Co weekly desk planners instead? At £12.00 each they are a little easier on the purse springs but equally as pretty and functional. You can get two designs of desk planner at Papermash where I got mine, either the Jardin or the Pink Floral which is the one I have at home!

So what do you think? Will you be getting yourself a planner too or do you already have your own way of keeping organised?
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