Birthday Wish List

Whenever someone asks me what I want for my birthday I always clam up and can't think of anything. Now it's only a month away I figured it would be nice to put together a little list of pretties that would make me smile!

These necklaces from You Earth Ash would look gorgeous with so many things, especially with their monochrome tones. As lovely as the bright coloured agate pieces are it makes them a lot less versatile than these black and white beauties.

I love how Ted Baker features both beautiful pale and pastel colours and prints but also has black based bolder florals and textures too, plus you just can't beat the black and gold combo.

There's a new Nigella book and it comes out the week after my birthday... I must own it. I love Stanley Tucci and was so excited when I found out he has two cookery books out. This is the first that he wrote with his family and I'd love to extend my knowledge of Italian home cooking. We all know I love a good baking book and this one looks just fab, I've heard great things about the bakery itself so I'd love to try out some of their recipes.

Clothes. No I don't need any more but yes I want LOTS more. I've wanted a pleated PU skirt for an age and this cape dress is so chic although in Pete's words 'I don't know, that would hide your shapes, I like to see your shapes' which I take to mean he likes more fitted things but I think it's cute and that's all that matters. And shoes, lovely ankle boots and cute little flats.

As you can tell I'm all about the black dresses right now and I love ones with unusual details like cut outs or unusual lace designs. I adore a novelty bag so this baseball style would be great next time we're in SF to see the Giants play and I cannot resist this glittery kitsch style from the Skinny Dip x Felicity Hayward collab! I also love cute silly pyjamas and these skunk print ones are too cute!

What can I say, I adore shiny copper and gold anything and if I can take that love into the kitchen I'm even happier. I love the grey and teal palette of this platter and the design is just lovely, as are these sheer socks with black spots!
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