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My darlings I am so excited about this you have no idea. As Dream Cream is Lush's number 1 selling product I know that I'm pretty late to the party on this one and that lots of you will already have tried it, but I've realised that (for me at least) this stuff is an absolute god send when it comes to healing a tattoo!

While at my last session getting my leg tattooed I was chatting away to Emma the artist about how hard I'd found it to heal after my last appointment and that I have a really bad reaction to Bepanthen and most purpose made tattoo healing balms. The gorgeous shop manager Jenny (who also runs Bone Kitty Curios) told me that she had tried Dream Cream when healing her hand tattoos recently and that she was really pleased with the results. We had a look at all the ingredients which include oat milk, rose water, olive oil, cocoa butter, rose absolute, chamomile blue oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil and decided that nothing in there sounded like it might react badly on broken skin and so when Emma was finished she popped a thin layer over my fresh tattoo before wrapping it up. 

Honestly, it was instantly soothing feeling and didn't sting one bit. I've continued to use it during the healing process, washing the tattoo with Dr Bronner's soap, letting it dry a little and then popping on a layer of dream cream and I have never had such a pain and fuss free time healing a tattoo in all the years I've been getting them. I'm even convinced that it has helped me not bruise this time, something I usually suffer with pretty severely with leg tattoos and I've been completely free of the usual swelling, heat and redness. 

But then again it makes perfect sense that Dream Cream should work wonderfully in this situation - oat milk has been used traditionally as a soothing treatment helping many skin conditions like eczema. Cocoa butter and olive oil are both wonderful moisturisers and there's even more calming power in all of the floral oils used and rose water is wonderful for calming down redness and rosacia.

As you can see from the image below it's a lovely creamy (well duh) consistency, not thick like a body butter and not thin and runny like a lot of moisturisers. A little goes a really long way and the smell is lovely, the main scents that come through to me being the lavender, tea tree and cocoa butter. It does a wondrous thing in that most of the product soaks in as a good lotion should, but there remains a thin layer on the surface which is invisible to the naked eye but keeps that top layer of skin feeling dreamily soothe and supple for hours afterwards.

I honestly think this is a holy grail product and I'll be using it on every tattoo in the future. Do you have any Dream Cream revelations to share?

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