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Hi babes! One thing I get asked about really often is my hair, how I get it so light / how I take care of it / how I style it etc. Well, at the start of last year I had a bit of a bad time when I was being not too careful when bleaching and I ended up with lots and lots of breakage and really dry and brittle locks. I was pretty distraught and thought it may be the end of my bleach blonde days but thought I would have a go at getting it back to health with some TLC. You can read my post about what products I use here and want to add that I now comb this through my wet hair before I blow dry it and think it's a bit of a miracle product, but today I really want to talk about brushes.

I never really thought too much about brushes until I started learning vintage styles and even then my every day brushes I had for absolutely years and didn't really care about. I had a bit of an epiphany when I was starting my healthier hair kick and also decided to buy new brushes, a paddle brush, a detangling brush, a soft bristle brush and a good comb. I didn't think this would help my hair, I just figured it was a good time to do it. Turns out, your brush and how you use it can make a big difference to the condition of your hair. I now use a paddle brush and a soft bristle brush for styling, a wide tooth comb for distributing product through my hair and for when my hair is wet and then my daily go to is a detangling brush which gently gets the snags out of my hair. I actually have two of these, one of my dressing table and one in my handbag. Now unfortunately none of my brushes are that pretty, so I was really excited when the wonderful Bella and Bear let me know about two of their latest products!

First up is The Bear Brush (£12.99*). This is a lovely large paddle brush with a rubber air cushion behind the bristles for extra comfort. The bristles themselves have a nice ball tip to them which means they don't hurt your scalp or damage your hair when you use it - it's a lovely gentle brush perfect for every day use or for some styling needs, for example I would brush through curls with this brush when I wanted a waved style.

Secondly we have the Brush On You Set (£14.99*) which contains a detangling brush and a wide tooth comb. I really really love these kind of detangling brushes because they fit so comfortable in your hand and really are pain free if you use them right. You don't need to tug it through your hair, just gently brush your hair in long strokes from top to bottom and it will pull out any knots and tangles and smooth your hair while it's at it. These kinds of brushes don't have ball tip bristles but this doesn't matter as you won't be dragging it through your hair and scraping your scalp, if you do then you're doing it wrong! My favourite thing about this brush is how little hair pulls out compared to when I use any other kind, it really is so gentle. The comb is also really lovely, featuring the Bella and Bear tag line and logos. This I use on my wet hair right after I've washed it and before I blow dry, and then I use the detangler afterwards to smooth it through.

Naturally another big selling point is how gorgeous these babies are all decked out in a cute minty turquoise with an adorable pink floral and polka dot print. Not important to how well they work as a product but it never hurts to have something pretty sitting on your dressing table!

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*This post contains items that were gifted for review. For more information head to my disclaimer page.

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