Honeymoon Style Wish List

Now Christmas is over the reality has really kicked in that I'm getting married in May, in a little less than four months time! This time last year I was certain I wouldn't be tying the knot until I was about 40 because we'd said we'd buy a house before we got hitched, so I was completely knocked off my feet when Pete proposed in October. To be honest saving for a deposit seems like an insurmountable task in the current climate and it just feels right that this is the next step we take. It's been kind of dramatic planning this wedding (I won't go into detail, but believe me it hasn't been a walk in the park) and I'm so so pleased that now we're heading over to the states with just six other people. Don't get me wrong, planning a wedding in another country isn't a walk in the park but it just feels right, and it means that we get to have our dream honeymoon right after we've got married. I can't believe I'm finally going to the USA, I've wanted to ever since I was little but I never really thought I'd actually be able to and to have that trip to get married to the best man I ever met, well that just makes it extra peachy.

Naturally what clothes I'll be taking is at the front of my mind, luggage weight limits mean I'll have to choose what I take very carefully especially as we'll be starting off in temperatures similar to the UK when it's mild and then going to somewhere really very toasty. Layers will be key and of course I'm determined to still look glam in sweltering hot Florida but I'll need to dress wisely when we hit the theme parks. There's a lot to think about people and I only have 23kg of weight? ARGH! 

Here are some pieces that are high on my wish list to take along on the trip... What do you think should make the cut?
Ellipsus Fashion 


ASOS Curve

Simply Be

I hope you're having a lovely week so far!

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